Piano Lessons FAQ

NYC Piano School offers a variety of instrumental and theory music lessons which are taught in a group or an individual setting.

You can choose from the following Music lessons in Brooklyn & Manhattan, NYC:

  • Piano
  • Voice
  • Guitar
  • Drums
  • Violin
  • Composition
  • Music Theory (Analysis)
  • Ear Training

Through a variety of musical experiences AB Music foments self-expression. This is achieved through the ability to understand and feel music while the basis for the execution of an instrument is cultivated.

Every Instrumental lesson will focus on the following areas:

  • Playing
  • Listening
  • Sight-reading
  • Creating/Improvising

Music theory, technique and artistry, are included in each one of these areas.

Students will have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in the performance of musical pieces both as soloists and/or as part of an ensemble  –with the teacher or other students in recitals and competitions.



Students will listen to musical pieces in order to develop their artistic sensibility. Listening will strengthen their ability to identify music by using their ear. The student’s musical knowledge and expression will improve while building up their musical sensibility.


Develops the ability to express and find one’s voice while strengthening intonation, rhythmic and timing skills.

Throughout singing, students will be able to memorize and comprehend note names, harmony and musical theory.


Students will get used to the instrumental layout as well as the relationship between the musical staff (notation), their instrument, and their bodies.

By playing musical pieces -which are carefully selected according to the student’s level and capabilities-, students will be able to challenge their technical abilities, express emotions and experience the joy of playing music. By doing so, they will be motivated to practice their instrument and develop their musical potential.


Through the music that students listen to, play or sing, harmonic and musical thinking is developed; A skill that is demonstrated in the creative process during improvisation and composition.

Imagination nurtures creative thinking, self-esteem, ear training, and love of music.


Students are encouraged to perform two times a year on a Steinway & Sons Grand Piano and in front of an audience –family, friends and peers–

Competition opportunities are available but not required or encouraged, though many of ABMusic Students have won regional and national piano and singing competitions.


Individual or group lessons can be at your house or at Andrea’s studio.

Cost for Individual Lessons at Your Place:

30 minutes – $60.00

45 minutes – $80.00

60 minutes – $100.00

Cost for Individual Lessons at our Bushwick Studio:

30 minutes – $55.00

45 minutes – $75.00

60 minutes – $95.00

Cost for Keyboard, Guitar, Theory and Voice Group Lessons at our Bushwick Studio:

45 minutes – $30.00