New York Piano School


FOR ALL AGES (Kids & Adults)

Choose from a series of music lessons and styles, or we can customize them to fit your specific needs!

Playing piano can be a cinch learn at NYC Piano School with the award winning teacher Andrea Baquero
Learning to playing a piano can be fun & easy at NYC Piano School
More information about the NYC Piano School
More information about the NYC Piano School


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NYC Piano School students (formerly AB Music) have won national piano and voice competitions and have been accepted in gifted and talented schools in New York and Michigan.

NYC Piano School music lessons combine a variety of musical methodologies which are adapted to suit each student.

Each lesson includes:

  • Instrumental playing and Technique
  • Ear training
  • Music theory (reading, harmony, voice-leading and rhythm)
  • Music appreciation

All elements are introduced in a fun and relaxed way!

Music is essential to human development because it is a direct path to discovering ourselves and connecting with others while engaging all the areas of the brain simultaneously.

Close up of happy woman's hand playing the piano in the morning.